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Monthly Archives December 2014

The Perfect Cover-Up By MPG !

Since starting my fitness journey I have become addicted to workout clothes and running shoes, which means my closet is filled with t-shirts and gym pants. So when it comes to actually going places where I need to look a little more put together I need clothing that can work both for days such as running errands or small get together but also be comfy like the feel of workout clothing. This is where my new favorite cover-up from MPG comes in (MPG Light Cover-up). This cover-up is SO comfy and SO lightweight that it is perfect for casual wear with jeans and a tank or even dressing it up with a skirt or dress. It is also great because it is something that can be worn both open and closed depending on the weather and where you are wearing it. I just wore mine with a casual look to a friend’s holiday gathering! Who said workout gear and everyday wear can’t go together?!

Overall I’m really in love with this cover-up and can’t say enough about how much I like it. It is for sure something that is great to pick up for your self or even for a holiday gift! Head on over and pick up one of these amazing cover-ups before they sell out!!






December 17, 2014
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Laura’s Fitness Blog -From Glitter and Glutes!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Laura (aka Glitter and Glutes blogger) and I am a new blogger for Fit’s 4 You! I am so excited to be offered this opportunity and can’t wait to share my journey with everyone. I should start by saying that with my blog posts I like to share ideas that have worked for me personally and feel free to try them yourselves! I’m sure like many that are reading this post you have been on a fitness journey yourself or maybe you are just starting. My fitness journey has had its ups and downs just like anyone else’s because lets be honest it can be REALLY hard some days but also SO rewarding. But I found that sharing my experiences with others shows that we all have so much in common when it comes to working out and sharing our victories and struggles. We can all be on this journey together!

The one thing I love the most about working out is being able to wear the fun and comfortable clothes that are available. Fit’s 4 You is one of those places where I have fallen in love with their whole idea of workout clothes and really providing their shopper the best possible active wear and every day clothing that are proudly Canadian! I will be posting my favorite pieces as much as I can because when I love something I want everyone to have it as well! Thank you again for taking the time to be apart of this blog and I can’t wait to hear your ideas about what you might like to hear about on my  blog posts?!View More:


December 02, 2014
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