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Monthly Archives February 2015

Convertible Backpack by MPG (aka my Favourite bag!)

Can we talk about my FAVOURITE gym bag! This bag (aka the Convertible Backpack by MPG) does everything AND more! It allows you three different ways to carry it and if you are at all like me you like options! This is exactly what this bag gives you, SO many options! It is perfect for carrying anything you need, to and from the gym or even if you need it for your full day of school, work, and gym! I tend to use this bag in Toronto when I go from campus to the gym in the middle of the day! It allows me to bring everything I need for my class but also have enough room for everything else I need for the gym! I also think this would make for the cutest and perfect carry on bag for an airplane! Gives you tons of room and if you’re traveling with little kiddies you have room for all their toys and snacks as well! Overall this bag will do everything and more for you whether it is for the gym or a beach day in Florida! To me this is the only bag I need at the moment for carrying everything I need! Head into the store and check it out before they are gone!!  10422346_10155218298750158_1776131059880069310_n 10320496_10155218298860158_2478764857164534216_n 12798_10155218299110158_2025179149974485169_n 611_4_black 611_3_black MPGAAF4AA03

February 19, 2015
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