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Jenna Fit Boot Camp

Join Jenna and Fit’s 4 You, for an amazing 5 week Bootcamp for only $199+ tax. Starts November 4, 2014. Hurry only a few spots left. Amazing deal too! Go check out her Facebook page and like her page!

November 04, 2014
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Some tips from Coach Gail VanAwesome

Some tips from Coach Gail VanAwesome on running in the cold weather! She is in the store all next weekend to help you pick out clothes that will give you function AND fashion so you can look and feel awesome while you stay in motion! #Awesome!

With the temperatures such as they are I wanted to point out a few simple rules to keep in mind if you are going out in this weather.

First, if it is -30°C (-22°F) or colder, you do not have to be a hero. Find an alternative to running outside. This could be a great day for cross-training.

1. Wear three layers: base layer, insulating layer and windproof shell. Some clothing is quite efficient, such as Fit-Wear, and if you have this then two layers will suffice.

2. Do not expose too much skin. Keep all extremities covered, i.e., ears, hands, wrists, ankles and neck. Your respiratory area (nose and mouth) will stay warm because of the breathing business going on.

3. Apply Bodyglide or another type of body lubricant to any exposed skin to help protect it from the wind and drying effects of the cold.

4. Run in small loops close to your home base. If you find it is getting unbearable, you will not be too far away from shelter.

5. Bring cab fare, cell phone and I.D.

6. Tell someone where you are going (route map) and give that person an idea of your approximate time of arrival.

7. If you start to detect frostbite, seek shelter immediately and warm up. Do not stay out any longer.

November 04, 2014
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Our new site is live!

We’re very excited to announce that our new site has launched! Please check back frequently as we will be posting new content regularly, including new products, health and fitness tips, and much much more.

November 04, 2014
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