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Bringing you a piece of Barcelona !

How is everyone doing?! It has been a while since there has been a blog update since summer has been crazy busy! But the main thing is that we are back and better then ever, and ready to get you ready for those end of summer workouts and guide you into your fall fashion!

But before we worry too much about fall weather what has been your favorite go to piece this summer that you got at the store? We love to hear what your been rocking at the gym and why it is your go to outfit.

I personally find that I can’t get enough of the new line that we just started carrying called “Desigual” and it is one of the most fun and bright lines we have in the store! (best part it came all the way from Spain!)

Working out shouldn’t be boring, remember that when you dress to workout you should have fun with your outfits and also feel comfortable and trendy! Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!! If you haven’t see the new line yet you MUST come in and take a look at it! You might even find that go to statement workout jacket or bag that everyone will be asking where you got it!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and before you know it we will be filling up your wardrobe with new amazing fall designs!



August 14, 2015
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The Perfect MPG Sweater and Tonic Capri!!

How excited is everyone for warmer weather and better yet sweater weather?! I don’t know about you but I LOVE and live for sweater weather! So let me just say when I saw this beautiful MPG sweater at the store I had to get it! It has been my everyday quick throw on sweater for those days we have had where there is still a cool breeze but you don’t want to wear the big winter coat (no thank you!!) It has two really cute gold zippers on the front so you can wear it a little bit looser if you have a t-shirt under it or a bit tighter if you have a tank or sports bra on! The best part? It has a high neck so it keeps you nice and cozy if there is a bit of a breeze or you’re relaxing around the house!

Then these work out pants by Tonic! So I saw these when I went into the store and thought they were adorable but figured they would never look good on me …. Well I was WRONG! They are the most comfy/ slimming WHITE workout leggings I have ever tried on! They hug your legs in all the right places and make your legs look amazing! These are a must! Don’t be scared of a light color for spring and trust me they are way too comfy I would wear them everyday! 🙂

Ps there is a new jacket in the store that has a faux leather look and it comes in black!!! (Go check it out before I buy it because it is perfect for going out in this spring!)

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March 17, 2015
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Convertible Backpack by MPG (aka my Favourite bag!)

Can we talk about my FAVOURITE gym bag! This bag (aka the Convertible Backpack by MPG) does everything AND more! It allows you three different ways to carry it and if you are at all like me you like options! This is exactly what this bag gives you, SO many options! It is perfect for carrying anything you need, to and from the gym or even if you need it for your full day of school, work, and gym! I tend to use this bag in Toronto when I go from campus to the gym in the middle of the day! It allows me to bring everything I need for my class but also have enough room for everything else I need for the gym! I also think this would make for the cutest and perfect carry on bag for an airplane! Gives you tons of room and if you’re traveling with little kiddies you have room for all their toys and snacks as well! Overall this bag will do everything and more for you whether it is for the gym or a beach day in Florida! To me this is the only bag I need at the moment for carrying everything I need! Head into the store and check it out before they are gone!!  10422346_10155218298750158_1776131059880069310_n 10320496_10155218298860158_2478764857164534216_n 12798_10155218299110158_2025179149974485169_n 611_4_black 611_3_black MPGAAF4AA03

February 19, 2015
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Laura’s Fitness Blog -From Glitter and Glutes!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Laura (aka Glitter and Glutes blogger) and I am a new blogger for Fit’s 4 You! I am so excited to be offered this opportunity and can’t wait to share my journey with everyone. I should start by saying that with my blog posts I like to share ideas that have worked for me personally and feel free to try them yourselves! I’m sure like many that are reading this post you have been on a fitness journey yourself or maybe you are just starting. My fitness journey has had its ups and downs just like anyone else’s because lets be honest it can be REALLY hard some days but also SO rewarding. But I found that sharing my experiences with others shows that we all have so much in common when it comes to working out and sharing our victories and struggles. We can all be on this journey together!

The one thing I love the most about working out is being able to wear the fun and comfortable clothes that are available. Fit’s 4 You is one of those places where I have fallen in love with their whole idea of workout clothes and really providing their shopper the best possible active wear and every day clothing that are proudly Canadian! I will be posting my favorite pieces as much as I can because when I love something I want everyone to have it as well! Thank you again for taking the time to be apart of this blog and I can’t wait to hear your ideas about what you might like to hear about on my  blog posts?!View More:


December 02, 2014
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The Ultimate Girls Night Out!

Join us this Saturday November 22 for the ultimate girls night out! Located in store after hours from 7-9pm. Shop, sip and socialize along with giveaways, special discounts and so much more! This an event you won’t want to miss!

Hope to see you there,

Fit’s 4 You.

2017 Lakeshore Rd. Burlington On,

November 18, 2014
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Jenna Fit Boot Camp

Join Jenna and Fit’s 4 You, for an amazing 5 week Bootcamp for only $199+ tax. Starts November 4, 2014. Hurry only a few spots left. Amazing deal too! Go check out her Facebook page and like her page!

November 04, 2014
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Some tips from Coach Gail VanAwesome

Some tips from Coach Gail VanAwesome on running in the cold weather! She is in the store all next weekend to help you pick out clothes that will give you function AND fashion so you can look and feel awesome while you stay in motion! #Awesome!

With the temperatures such as they are I wanted to point out a few simple rules to keep in mind if you are going out in this weather.

First, if it is -30°C (-22°F) or colder, you do not have to be a hero. Find an alternative to running outside. This could be a great day for cross-training.

1. Wear three layers: base layer, insulating layer and windproof shell. Some clothing is quite efficient, such as Fit-Wear, and if you have this then two layers will suffice.

2. Do not expose too much skin. Keep all extremities covered, i.e., ears, hands, wrists, ankles and neck. Your respiratory area (nose and mouth) will stay warm because of the breathing business going on.

3. Apply Bodyglide or another type of body lubricant to any exposed skin to help protect it from the wind and drying effects of the cold.

4. Run in small loops close to your home base. If you find it is getting unbearable, you will not be too far away from shelter.

5. Bring cab fare, cell phone and I.D.

6. Tell someone where you are going (route map) and give that person an idea of your approximate time of arrival.

7. If you start to detect frostbite, seek shelter immediately and warm up. Do not stay out any longer.

November 04, 2014
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Our new site is live!

We’re very excited to announce that our new site has launched! Please check back frequently as we will be posting new content regularly, including new products, health and fitness tips, and much much more.

November 04, 2014
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